“I thought my life was ruined when my job fired me for a something that showed on my record from when I was younger. I thought this youthful mistake was going to haunt me forever until I met Mr. Pehanick. He was able to reassure me that my life was not over and that he could fix my record. I didn’t know miracles existed until he was able to expunge my record. Could not be more thankful for his thoughtful legal prowess. Highly recommend!”

“Mr. Joe is my lawyer for life.”

“Mr. Pehanick is an extremely professional and compassionate attorney. From the moment I met him I knew I was in the best hands. He goes above and beyond to make sure he answered all my questions and concerns and gets the best results possible.”

“I wanted to thank you personally for the outstanding job you did on my behalf. I am amazed by the efforts and extremely grateful for the results.”

“Mr. Joe is the best!”

“He cares for his clients like family. I consider him part of my family.”

Joe’s the guy. Works miracles.”

“Thank you so much for expertly representing me that we didn’t even have to go to trial – the prosecutor dismissed the case. Thank you for a job well done.”

“One of the best in the business!”

“Joe did the worrying for me. He not only cared about my case but he also cared about me and my family and the difficult time we were going through. Can’t thank him enough for his thoughtful representation in these tough times.”

“Mr. Pehanick is our family attorney.”

“Superhero, more like Super Lawyer!”

“Joe took care of my ticket. After a few minutes on the phone giving him the ticket information and processing my payment, he took it from there. He appeared in court for me the following day, got my ticket dismissed, and promptly called me with the results (all without me having to go down to 201). I didn’t even have to pay court costs!”

“Highly recommend and will definitely use again.”

“His honesty and integrity cannot be beat. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for the BEST!”

“I can’t thank him enough for getting my case dismissed.”

“Mr. Pehanick knows the courts and knows how to get the job done.”


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